We went to Ilocos last 2016, and I’m writing it now.

Laoag. Hmmm…  I never though I could venture this far north. Thanks to CebuPac, the low airfares did help in compressing our budget. Just book your flight 6 months in advance!

From Manila, we opted the plane route rather than the tiring land trip to Laoag. That costs us really, but given the limited days we have, it’s a time saver and extra time for LAAG!

PLANES, I love airplanes. Having to fly for the first time on this route, I didn’t even sleep for the 45min duration. It was eye candy for me and my observant kid. Just be prepared for all the questions. (I have to recall all those lessons in HS science!)

The usual route for tour packages starts from the north going south. But! We opted to start from south to north!

So, upon arrival. We already contacted our tour guide and booked a 3-day tour with only me, my wife and my kid. Kuya Arman provided a special tour vehicle, a Black Honda Civic VTi-S all for ourselves with no time pressure, anything goes vibe! Alas, I don’t get to drive but that gave me opportunities to snap away with my ruggedly old Nikon D300 and GoPro Hero4 Silver. (see photos below)

(I’m typing this article on the fly, SORRY, gotta update this later. Duty calls!)


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